Caplyzer Secures Vinnova Deeptech Funding

Caplyzer has been granted a significant boost with a successful application for the “Acceleration of deeptech companies” initiative by Sweden’s Innovation Agency, Vinnova. Our application, seeking 4 million SEK, has been approved for the first phase. The strategic funding is geared to support early-stage Swedish startups with innovative solutions, like Caplyzer, for verifying and validating technical capabilities to develop commercial opportunities. We’re honored to be among the selected few from 99 applicants, meeting the criteria of Relevance, Potential, Implementation, and Team. This funding will propel Caplyzer’s groundbreaking technology towards market readiness. This marks Caplyzer’s second support from Vinnova, highlighting our consistent commitment to innovation. We’re proud to continue our partnership with Sweden’s Innovation Agency on this exciting journey.



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